Making a Splash with Our Selection of Marine Fish

Marine Fish

monstrous Hawaiian Dragon EeelHAWAIIAN DRAGON EEL

Blueface Angel FishBLUEFACE ANGEL

monochrome Banded Bamboo SharkBANDED BAMBOO SHARK

Our vast selection and variety of marine fish from around the world is by far the largest in the area. From our bread and butter to the most exotic specimens, Aquatica can fill any enthusiast's needs or wishes. From Nano Aquariums to the far larger Shark System, you can be sure that Aquatica can supply the specific fish you are looking for.

Our fish are treated for parasitic issues from the time of their initial arrival to their final departure to the hobbyist's aquarium, ensuring only the healthiest specimens.

Here are only a few of the many specimens we have to offer:

colorful Blue Line TriggerBLUE LINE TRIGGER

aquatic seahorse petCAPTIVE BRED SEAHORSE

glowing Queen Angel FishQUEEN ANGEL

Freshwater Fish

Fresh Water KoiKoi Fish

Red Cap OrandaOranda Goldfish

Fresh Water Fish       Peacock Cichlids


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